Wearing in Outer Space:MB&F HM6 Space Pirate

MB&F keeps designing wacky watch,but if fake watches uk only wacky watch and has no techonogy,this brand won’t achieve such accomplishment.HM6 space pirate  (horological machine number 6) designed by MB&F could be wore in outer space.The case of HM6 has four spherical angles,each angle is 360°sphere,The top and bottom decorated hemispherical sapphire crystal mirror face.There are two hemispherical indicators rotated on the bottom to display hour and minute.There are two spherical turbines on the top to expand gear drive by automatic balance weel which could rotate horizontal.It could adjust chainning system automatically to reduce pressure and abrasion.上手点评:可以在外太空使用的手表MB&F HM6 space pirate腕表  (点击图片翻页)
This limitted MB&FHM6 has a 60 seconds fly tourbillon in the center which is HM6’s aligner.Space Pirate has a retractable shield replica watches which could stop ultraviolet light for the engine lubricating oiloxidizing untimely by operating crown.The highly complicated movement could be viewed under the sapphire crystal bottom case.By developing hardly,the movement is made of 475 accurate decorated parts.When Horological Machine No. 6 downy curve and bulge “eyes” as if from friendly alien organisms, indestructible bone from aviation grade Ti 6 al 4 v titanium alloy watchcase.
HM6 Space Pirate copy in case forms of four corners adopt 360 spherical surface plate.with sapphirine crystal ball protected at the top or bottom.Central transparent dome surface plate is equipped with 60 seconds fly tourbillon, Crown on the left side of the case can be used to control a telescopic confinement and to isolate uv radiation damage for flight tourbillon.The whole watch is made up of 475 parts and 68 pieces of precious stones, and replica cartier the shell adopts aviation grade of titanium alloy materials.