The world watches brand story: Manjaz

Swiss Manjaz Swiss mg table “name” is affirmative, is welcome, embodies the brand’s target consumer groups, “Jazz” are all eager for success to a state, taste, is the achievement, is the cultivation, reflect the location of the target market. “With the name” and “Prince” embodies the Mg brand inception: a supreme jazz selection.

Basic introduction
Mg with the purpose of quality first, actively create and strive to perfect spirit, wholeheartedly satisfy the hearts of consumers pursuit of success and noble taste needs, in 133 in the spring and autumn always Heritage Classic, professional interpretation of the Swiss watchmaking culture design numerous honor forever classic products. So-called classic art design after times of test and enduring, Seiko secret agents, more on the quality of the top pursuit, the real innovation to than a fad can resist time migration. As many have a long history of best fake watches company, engraved years, bearing in mind the Ambilight mg is the showed to the public.
“Watch kingdom”
The Swiss with micro mechanical advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, the famous “mechanical watch Kingdom”. In 1876, the young Cuthbert Keynes (Cuthbert Keynes) in their home is “the hometown of the watch Lashaode seal (LA Chaux de fonds) created manually on the chain movement production factory, is Manjaz (mg), watch factory, the predecessor of, due to exquisite craftsmanship and stable traveltime quality has been paid many well-known watch manufacturer’s use.

A table towards the world
1884 is a table an important beginning towards the world, the Mg table belongs to the movement factory production of the core of the table obtained at the time of Swiss chronograph products highest authority of the Neuchatel Observatory table core precise timing test contest first prize. The award get symbolize get a clock global sales permits. At the same time every company production of clocks and watches products logical is praised watches badge, laid the table Mg (Manjaz) in a solid position of the Swiss luxury watches industry.
Carved shell flake
In 1888, Cuthbert Keynes (Cuthbert Keynes) lasted 18 months of Seiko secret agents, and finally to produce the first flake carved shell, manually on the chain, open lid pocket watch type, so this precious ancient and combination of scales carved pocket watch La; Caille officially published. And once a Spanish naval officer’s special timing tool. In 1931, Mg Manjaz first gold with a perpetual movement “LA Auto Ma” watches available.
Got the British authority certificate
During the period from 1940 to 1959, Mg (Manjaz) table respectively, obtained the certificate issued by the British authority inspection department kewteddinnton (Kew Teddington) and in Switzerland Neuchatel observatory.
In 1967, Keynes’s grandson Esmond. Keynes (Esmond Keyes, graduated in Paris Watch school decided to join to Mg (Manjaz) company. Since childhood, I received a good education and family excellent traditional baptism, coupled with the extraordinary talent, he although first set foot in the field of clocks and cheap fake watches, but fully reveal he for tabulation ability and talent, so soon became the a good watch technical personnel.
In 1978, Esmond Keyes (Esmond Keyes, after 10 years of accumulated experience, he officially took over the family business of the prestigious. Subsequently, Esmond. The ideals and aspirations of Keynes (Esmond Keyes, heart finally able to display, the first plant from La Chaux de Feng (LA) Chaux-de-Fends relocation to human resources abundant, traffic developed Solothurn province (Solothurn). The modern company management system and mechanical mode of production, introduce sophisticated professional tabulation technology and instrument by the new division of labor system of assembly work, and raise the efficiency, skill and quality produce precision, excellent in quality and reasonable in price watch.

After three generations of unremitting efforts
The beauty of the silent years, hundred years classical inheritance. After three generations of unremitting efforts and enterprising, Mg (Manjaz) table consistently uphold the principle of quality first, and actively create and strive for perfection of the spirit of, and constantly improve the tabulation process, a distinguished group of Mg cooperate hand in hand, for the production of high levels of clocks and watches in the high quality joint efforts, to meet the new era of the test.
In 1992, ARTAX watch Ltd formally and Keynes family (Keyes family) reached a cooperative relationship, by John Maynard Keynes family commissioned Fluri Hubert official in charge of the Mg surface, by virtue of years of accumulated rich experience, Fluri Hubert lead mg tables were successfully overcome the challenges, and vigorously to create the international market, with particular focus on the Far East market, has made remarkable achievements.