Omega Speedmaster UK Replica Grey Side of the Moon Meteorite Watch

The fashion swiss Omega replica moon watch is rather different from other series which is more creative and appreciated by the new generation. This classical watch takes unique material from outer space.

The name of the watch remind you of exploring the outerspace. The moon moves towards the far away red star Sedna and break meteor shower to accept the bright star light baptism. The 44.25mm Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon meteorite watch has a lot of new features in a series of first. For instance, it is the first item to take Omega Ceragold? which is a special decoration technics, it could perfectly combine the 18K gold with ceramic parts to built a smooth aesthetic effect.
The model takes 18K Sedna? bezel which has silicon nitride ring. Silicon nitride is harder and lighter than the ceramic which has been considered as the important material for Omega future 7750 replica watches. The sillometer on the bezel is made of Omega Ceragold?.
The dull polish hour scale and pointers are also take soft red 18K Sedna?. And the greatest feature is the meteorite surface. Each Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the moon meteorite watches’ surface are made of solid outer space rock. According to the estimation, there are about 2,000 to 5,000 meteorolite over 1 kilo fall into earth every year, and 75% of them fall into the ocean or desert, only a little bit was discovered that’s why they are such precious.
The surface of automatic fake Omega for lady takes Gibeon meteorite from Namibia in the prehistoric ancient, the native had ever used it to make many tools and weapons. But recent years, the aerosiderite becomes fashion material and designors’s favorite is its classical Widmanst?tten Pattern.