New Panerai Radiomir 1940 47mm Diameter High Quality Fake Watches UK

Panerai Radiomir Series Copy Watches UK history series new Radiomir power reserve wrist, 3 Days 3, 1940 for the first time to appreciate the charm of 1940 Radiomir case. The wrist watch paragraphs with stainless steel and red gold, dynamic storage and carrying have 3, P. 3000 on the manual chain mechanical movement.


Dial has small second hand in at 9 o ‘clock position, at 3 o ‘clock position with date window. Sandwich structure is used to dial, between two slices of overlapping sheet coated luminescent material, the light from the upper sheet corresponding hollow out go out fully in time scale, is clearly visible in the night.Panerai 47mm Diameter High Quality Fake Watches early in the late 1930 s it has designed the dial structure, its function is to improve the brightness and able to read. The black dial faces made of stainless steel, and the red gold dial is brown.


Panerai Stainless Steel Replica Watches with excellent corrosion resistance of AISI 316 l steel, five NPT red gold and red gold money is used, this alloy has the high ratio of copper content, so the colour and lustre more deep, moreover also contains a certain proportion of platinum, it helps to prevent the oxidation of the metal. The two tables of crust and table frame adopts polishing technology processing.