Julien Coudray 1518 Collector’s Indivisual Watch Brand

If you are tired of playing the watches in fake rolex the market and trying to find another brand personality with independent gene, it had better have higher-end positioning, and possess high watchmaking level which is very rare.Whether you are now wearing it or for the future collection, Julien Coudray 1518 will be your best choice.To know Julien Coudray, must first understand the brand’s founder Fabien Lamarche.Julien Coudray 1518于收藏家的独立手表品牌  (点击图片翻页)
It is heard that during the meeting with Fabien Lamarche, he had just lost 7create works.Actually it is robbed, it was a very sad thing,Fabien Lamarche and his team had to work over night to create.By its rest bad work was robbed of
depressed, Fabien Lamarche was already struggling to keep smile but still can not cover up the heart lost.This state of affairs in their market Isabelle, head of the Comte – Beliard woman also can feel.Fortunately, this  fake watches uk kind of situation got better in the later chat.For this, i want to condemn the robbers who took their wrist strongly condemned the responsibility!You are so mean!But I have to admire the robbers – you have a best sense!
Isabelle Comte – Beliard in closed using three phases briefly and reserved words to introduce Fabien Lamarche: 1, he spent 25 years to design, development, and manufacturing (in the Swiss watchmakers who all know this brand is)for a certain famous watch brand;2, he has cooperation relationship with one of the
largest independent watchmaker, believe that you can probably guess who is this brand);3, he formed his own work philosophy: beyond himself.
Dialogue from this brand name Julien Coudray 1518.If you see this brand for the first time, you might think that Julien Coudray is the founder and 1518 is the year when the brand founded.Many Swiss brand name reflects such rules, but Julien Coudray 1518 is an exception, this buy fake watches name also contains Fabien Lamarche’s watchmaking concept.