German NOMOS Orion Three Stitches Watches

Bauhaus is a famous School of ArchitecturePlanning fake watches uk whose built meant the birth of modern planning.It had a profound impact on International modern planning.NOMOS watch was origin from it.As many historical classic watch,for instance,Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Submariner all not won for their functions but for classical planning and practical performance.Therefore,even for so many years,they are still popular in the world.[上手品评]德国NOMOS Orion小三针手表  (点击图片翻页)
Bare on the dial, only needs three great pointer plate and bar, small seconds time scale, also appear full share of the  luxury watches chosen.Hour and minute hands’length are all refer to the time scale together, the length of the minute hand also slightly beyond hour hand,even very small details is clear to be read.Another detail close to my heart is the details of the time scale, the dividing line between bring dial overall balance.Refferred to dial, finally we could say  the small seconds trays to grain decorative decorate which looks qualitative.
Stainless steel watch case is 35 mm in diameter which is believed that it will get a lot of love from ladies, of course, slim men is also very appropriate.Because of the narrow circle of the watch thus the dial looks very broad, we can see from the graph, the Orion is very thin, small three stitches watch plus a sapphire crystal also only 8.45 mm, the thickness of the bottom cover on the crown is also very easy to take chains,it is accord with human body engineering.[上手品评]德国NOMOS Orion小三针手表  (点击图片翻页)
Watchcase internal carried an Alpha machine developed by NOMOS self-reliance,through complete modification, including common among three pieces of ashkenazi watch rhodium plated splint, Geneva, corrugated, Nivarox revolution hairspring, smoky, subtle blue steel screws and other components.And all in all, this watch is very suitable for best sale fake watches daily life,the design of tiny let you forget themselvesabout planning and supply the acme is decorous,it can yet be regarded as a classic watch.Its official price is us $2200 (RMB 13471)