Five tips for checking luxury watches

Check the watch parts

Luxury Watches appearance from the shell, table mirror dial, and when the needle check etc.. Case should not have trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; rotation of the rear cover and the upper shell at should be tight; two table ring with the case of equal distance, the holes in the mounting ear Huang should in case foot position of the tail part of the center, appropriate depth of the hole, the ring is not easy to fall off; table mirror should no scratches or defect, bright and transparent; three needle installed correctly, needle and the needle, the mirror and the dial between due and proper security clearance; dial and pointer coating finish, no scar, dial line or a luminous point; between the head and case about 0.1-0.3mm gap.

Sensitivity to check a watch

there will be no over spring has stopped moving around the watch gently shake, by shaking the power to observe the second move: if the second hand in a very short period of time will stop walking, the watch spring can finish all, high sensitivity; if the second hand for a long time to walk, this watch foot wound can not finish all, the sensitivity is not high or table machine fault.

Watch will be no wind stops moving, slowly rotating head to observe the secondhand start: the article to rotate the less, second hand start more early that the sensitivity is high; otherwise low sensitivity or table machine with other faults. But it should be noted that fast pendulum best quality watch on the market hairspring stiffness of a larger, more than traditional frequency (18000 times / h) table confidential on a clockwork to swing up because it is. The high sensitivity of the watch, the last time after the wind and the time to continue walking a long time.

Check the spacing and position of the watch pointer

Pointers and table mirror, a dial and three between the needle should keep a certain distance, or between the scoop and affect normal operation of the machine table. The needle can be observed by dialing.. The hour hand and the minute hand position and cooperate with each other is normal inspection method is: minute hand and hour hand dial to 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, to observe whether the two pins at right angles; dial to 6 points, two needle is a straight line; appropriated for 12 points, two needle is coincidence.

Check the bar mechanism

Normal watch should be relaxed. When you turn your head, feel loose, and gradually, the more slowly, when you can not continue to move forward when the handle head, the wind has been completely and the upper bar body work normal. If the rotation handle head on, “Cha Cha abnormal noise, or to have a top teeth slip phenomenon, fault mechanism.

Check the needle mechanism

The watch should be flexible, reliable and pointer rotation when the needle is dialed.. The tightness of the friction fit between the sub wheel and the center wheel is emphasized during the inspection.. When the needle dial, if there is no partial loose or tight feeling that divided wheel friction normal and fuel amount, on the contrary, the dial needle mechanical fault.