Exploring a Buried Talent of German Clock Wempe(Two)

Time flies,with German unification,many cheap breitling German clock brand began revitalizing which made Glashutte who had ever be the famous watchmaking town back alive.
Since the time is ripe,all the conditions had been done.In 2004,Wempe’s third geberation Hellmut Wempe and fourth generation Kim-Eva Wempe decided that they would launch their own watch brand to make Wempe return to Glashutte went on its history before.探秘德国钟表的沧海遗珠Wempe(一)
Firstly,Wenpe financed 2 millons to rebulid the shabby Glashutte  observatory and build a workshop beside the observatory.The factory built beside mountain,even it was not sych big but it was the highest altitude and most beautiful watch factory of Glashutte.With blue sky and clouds,it would be enjoyable job here.
In Baeselworld this year,we were invited to the factory and enjoy working in such beautiful place.In the past 10 years,they only made 20,000 watches,becauce of this,all watched were tested by watchmaker and under accuracy adjustment and strict test,all watched from here were all certificated by observatory so that they won admire from customers.By the cheap breitling increasing requirements from customers,they have to make 40,000 watch per year.
Wempe has two product lines at present,4000Euro as watershed,they are Zeitmeister series and high grade Chronometer series.The price of Zeitmeister is from 500-3600Euro,60% of them are quartz and 40% are machanical watches.The basic movement of this series comes from ETA and Selita.Please notice that althrough Wempe used the common movement like ETA,they always replace the key parts.
You could find that each Wempe’s dial printed 探秘德国钟表的沧海遗珠Wempe(一)Glashütte /SA which means made by Glashutte.It means  50% parts must be produced in Glashutte,we find that Escapement the key part of the movment has been updated and replaced.we could say,to replace Escapement is to replace movement.
Someone may complaint that ETA movment is such rough low price and do not worth to buy.But in my opinion,even though ETA is very common and has no personality,it depends on how you remould and perfect replica watches it and by which standard.