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Watch strap for a long time will inevitably be hard to avoid abrasion. At this time we should change the strap, so how to choose the suitable strap? And how should we maintain the straps or bracelet? Today I tell you some attentions on choosing straps or bracelet of watches. Hope they can give you some helps.

Rubber straps fake watches also need great maintenance.
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The rubber strap is exposed to a large amount of sweat and is easy to crack after air drying. It will also produce odor when it is eroded by sweat. The maintenance method is cleaning, ventilation and keeping dry. But after sweating, the skin and rubber strap are very uncomfortable, so the best way is to put the rubber strap in the summer.

Steel bracelets fake watches are suitable for summer.
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The hardness of metal strap is suitable for tall and strong figure, and also suitable for the strong personality of the heart. Its unique metallic luster is a dazzling adornment, which is ingeniously borrowed by fashionable men and women.

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