A Luxury Panerai Replica Watch UK With Rolex Manufactured Movement

In January of this year, Artcurial auctioned a rare fake Panerai Radiomir “Type A” Ref.6152. It belonged to Amedeo Vesco originally, the rear admiral who participated in the MAS Flotilla commando operation during the Second World War.

The Panerai has been equipped with the movement of Rolex.
Black Leather Strap Replica Panerai

The Panerai copy with black dial finally was auctioned at 226,000 euro. It features 47 mm steel case and black dial which is adorned with Arabic numerals hour marker and baton-shaped hands.

The antique Panerai has been auctioned by a high price.
Steel Case Panerai Radiomir Imitation Watch

The highlight of this antique knockoff watch must be the Rolex movement it equips. In the middle of 1950s, Ref.6152 took place of Ref.3646. It is historical in any aspect no matter the history, technology or the aesthetic feature.